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"Though seemingly chaotic, the Vortex was in actuality an ordered environment. Native life in the time vortex included the Reapers, the Chronovores, Pantophagens, the Vortisaurs, the Time Roaches, and the Time Vortex leeches and the transcendental beings which included the Great Old OnesEternals, and Guardians of Time. The Mandragora Helix inhabited the uncharted regions of the Vortex, although it was also said to exist as a constellation." - Abraham Lincoln




Rachel is a social justice and equality warrior. By day she's a partner at a small computer and electronics repair company. By night she's a caped social media hero who's always rooting for the underdog and fighting oppression in all of its hideous forms. She is also like a nurse to Wormhole_Matt when he's having mental meltdowns. Her love is pure and strong willed.


Matt is a former U.S.Marine and a retired Missouri Air National Guard veteran. By day he runs a computer repair shop and by night he's battling his own demons, OCD, ADHD, PTSD and a bunch of other acronyms with meds and positive thinking. Awareness is his goal and making changes and evolution is his game!